5 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Color Palette

How To Choose Wedding ColorsWhen you’re planning a wedding, there are many things to put on your list. You need to choose a destination in Clearwater and decide what friends and family… if any, will be attending your intimate ceremony, and that’s before you can even start thinking about food, drinks, and the dress.

Among the important decisions for any wedding is the color palette. Some people know the colors they want at their wedding straight away, while others have some work to do to identify and decide on their perfect wedding color palette. Here are some tips to help you decide.

  • Think About Your Wedding Venue
    Some colors might work well in one setting but not in another. Because of this, it’s important to think about the place you’ll be getting married. If you’re tying the knot on the beach, you might want to explore wedding colors that work well alongside nature, such as blues and greens. People getting married in church buildings and other historic venues might want to explore more extreme color palettes to blend in with the striking surroundings.
  • Decide On Your Must-Haves
    If you’re happy to decide some of the aspects of your wedding as you go along, you can begin by identifying the must-haves for the day. If you’ve always dreamed of having a beach wedding, everything else will need to be planned around this. If you know that you want flowers of a certain color, put this on your list and ensure that the other decisions regarding your wedding colors are based on this.
  • Find Inspiration
    Unless you have a clear sense of the wedding color palette you want to work with, it can be helpful to take inspiration from other weddings as well as your surroundings. If you’re having a beach wedding, go to the area and find some inspiration in the natural environment. You might notice a certain color of flower or a beautiful hue in the sky one evening. Finding inspiration around you can help to decide on your perfect wedding colors.
  • Go With the Seasons
    When thinking about your wedding colors, consider looking to the seasons and seeing whether there is any inspiration you could take. If you’re getting married in the summer when the weather is warmest, avoid dark colors and choose lighter colors that will help to deflect the heat. If the weather is cooler, or you want to make your big day reflect the season in which you’re getting married, consider a slighter darker color palette or choose complementary yet contrasting shades.
  • Choose What You Like
    At the end of the day, choosing your wedding colors doesn’t have to be complicated. You can simply choose colors that you like and apply them to every aspect of your wedding. While it might be complicated if you don’t have any specific colors in mind yet, you can quickly find some inspiration by looking at nature or exploring a color wheel.

Arranging Your Perfect Wedding
Choosing your perfect colors is just one aspect of arranging your perfect wedding. If you’re looking for a beautiful beach wedding in Clearwater, Florida, look no further than Tides of Love Beach Weddings.

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