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A micro-wedding ceremony gives you the opportunity to be more present at your reception celebration, as you’re less likely to experience that anxiety and adrenaline that goes along with a larger ceremony. It can be very challenging to be fully present in the day and soak up each moment, but with a smaller wedding, the pressure is off and the focus is on the vows and enjoying the day.

While micro-weddings can certainly be expensive, our package is elegant, yet affordable. Couples are able to spend less money on their wedding, but still receive a beautiful ceremony and a professional creative photography session in under 2 hours!

$150 Down Payment

$250 Down Payment

$579 Seashell-DAY Balance Due

$729 High Tide-DAY-Balance Due

$829 Seashell-NIGHT Balance Due

$979 High Tide-NIGHT-Balance Due

$1094 Minimalist Picnic Elopement-NIGHT-Balance Due

$309 1-Hr Photo Pkg Balance Due