Planning The Perfect Small Wedding

Planning A Small Wedding: Helpful TipsNot everyone wants to have a big wedding, and in some cases, there are reasons why it’s not possible to have a large gathering. During the last couple of years, people have seen significant disruption and delays to their wedding plans as a result of the pandemic.

In Clearwater, St Petersburg, Dunedin, and all around the world, the nuptials of couples about to get married were disrupted. As well as causing substantial disruption to the wedding and hospitality industry, it also meant that couples had to think about different plans for their big day.

Small weddings have been more popular in recent times out of necessity, with more people opting for ‘micro weddings’ with only a few guests. Whatever your reasons for planning a smaller wedding, here are some of the things to keep in mind.

It Doesn’t Need to Be Your Only Wedding

Many couples have chosen to have a ‘minimum’ followed by a larger celebration at a later date. This trend became more popular during the pandemic, when people could have a limited number of guests but wanted to celebrate later with a much larger crowd. It also allowed couples to continue planning their wedding for a specific date that was special to them, such as an anniversary, and find some compromise between a large wedding and the special date they wanted.

Communicate Clearly

With smaller weddings and limited numbers of guests, there is a tendency for people to feel left out if they have not been invited. Communicate ahead of time if there is going to be a larger celebration at a later date since this can help people to feel like they are still included in your wedding despite not being invited to a smaller ceremony. In the case of particularly small weddings of ten people or fewer, where there is likely to be only close family members and friends in attendance, members of the wider family can feel like they have been left out.

Consider a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings in places like Clearwater or Dunedin can be the perfect option for a smaller wedding. It also means that not everybody will be prepared or able to travel to a beach destination, so you can be more selective about who you invite. In some cases, there may be a limit to the number of people you can have on the beach for the wedding, making it a great option if you want to choose a micro wedding.

Look At Small or Unique Venues

When planning a small wedding or micro wedding, one of the advantages is that you can consider other venues that a smaller or unique. It opens up further options for the wedding, such as getting married on a boat or in a hot air balloon. You can also consider smaller venues such as a private beach, small and intimate restaurant, or an old church. Whatever you have in mind, a micro wedding could enable you to explore more options for your big day.

Planning Your Ideal Wedding

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