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Island Elopement Dreams: Introducing Your Perfect Beach Wedding Package

Tides of Love Beach Weddings is thrilled to announce our latest offering, the Island Adventure Elopement-DAY package, designed to make your special day both intimate and adventurous. For just $1509, you can experience the romance of eloping with the beauty of Florida's pristine beaches and the allure of an island escape.


What's Included in the Package?


1. Four-Hour Excursion: Your elopement journey begins with a sightseeing adventure on a boat, leading to a Hawaiian-styled ceremony. After exchanging vows, celebrate with a quaint picnic, all set against the stunning backdrop of Florida's coastal beauty.


2. Ceremony Locations: Choose from two breathtaking island locations - Caladesi Island's unspoiled sandy beaches or the natural splendor of Shell Key Preserve.


3. Ceremony Essentials: A small altar table adorned with white linen, a conch shell, a ceremony bowl for a water blessing, and two lei garlands to encapsulate the spirit of Hawaii.


4. Wedding Essentials: Everything you need for your big day is taken care of - from a borrowed bouquet (with two options to choose from) to a dedicated Wedding Officiant who will also handle your Marriage License Filing.


5. Professional Photography: Capture every precious moment with our 40 Professional Digital Photos package, ensuring your memories last a lifetime.


6. Keepsakes: A special Keepsake Marriage Certificate and personalized Wedding Vows crafted to remember your day forever.


The Picnic Experience


Post-ceremony, unwind with a small, romantic picnic, which includes:

- Comfortable seating with blankets and pillows.

- Two small tables for your convenience.

- A hand fan, towels, sunscreen, and bug spray for your comfort.

- Refreshments including water and a choice of champagne or sparkling juice.

- A beautiful bouquet of silk flowers.

- A delightful Charcuterie Beach Box for two, complete with linen napkins, perfect for toasting your new life together.


Book Your Dream Elopement Today!


The Island Adventure Elopement-DAY package from Tides of Love Beach Weddings offers a unique blend of romance, adventure, and tranquility. Perfect for couples seeking an intimate celebration with a touch of island magic. Book now and embark on the first adventure of your married life together!


In addition to the Island Adventure Elopement-DAY package, Tides of Love Beach Weddings offers a variety of other packages to suit different preferences and budgets. These include the Seashell Elopement-DAY, High Tide Elopement-DAY, Seashell Elopement-NIGHT, High Tide Elopement-NIGHT, and the Minimalist Picnic Elopement-NIGHT packages. Each package offers unique features like a choice of pre-set locations, different ceremony types, professional photo options, and special keepsakes. Prices and details vary, providing options for both daytime and sunset ceremonies. For more information on these packages, you visit Tides of Love Beach Weddings.


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