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OUR PARK LOCATIONS SERIES- Part 1: Philippe Park, Pinellas County, FL

The beautiful waterfront parks here make a magical backdrop for your special day.

Our 4 pre-set park locations are located in gorgeous Pinellas County, Florida and offer the perfect setting for your elopement. Our parks, located in the Tampa Bay area, are said to be among the most beautiful in the state.

Philippe Park – is located north of downtown Safety Harbor and 15 miles from the Tampa International Airport. This park features spectacular views of Old Tampa Bay while strolling along a one-mile shoreline decorated with beautiful oaks (some 300-500 years old), palms and lush foliage. There is also an abundance of life evident here. Present in the sky… to the sprawling magical grounds… to the sparkling water, above and below.

In fact, this park offers a bounty of all types of foliage including a rich abundance of different types of shade trees forming beautiful canopies. This foliage pairs nicely with the dreamy breezes coming up off of the water. It is a wonderful place to picnic featuring a boat launch and playgrounds. You can also enjoy nature trails and spend some recreational time kayaking or paddle boarding on the water.

The grounds also feature gorgeous stone steps with the bay as a backdrop in this lush park. This park photographs beautifully. 

Parking and admission to the park are free.

History of nearby town of Philippe Park This park dates back to 1842 when it was settled by a non-native French-born plantation owner named Count Odet Phillippe. It is documented that he claimed to be a surgeon who operated on Napoleon’s army and he also boasted he received a treasure chest as payment for his services. He is credited for bringing grapefruit to Florida. He made the park his final resting place but the exact location is unknown. Philippe Park was acquired in 1948, making it the oldest park in the county.

The park features an ancient native Tocobaga Indian mound which is registered as a National Historic Site. It is the last known remnant of the tribe on the Pinellas Peninsula. This indigenous tribe lived in this county from 900 to 1700. Some of the remnants of this historical site are on display in a museum in charming downtown Safety Harbor.

History of the nearby town of Safety Harbor The charming and whimsical downtown area of nearby Safety Harbor features a spa, unique bed and breakfast inns, ample restaurants and a wonderful array of unique shopping you will find nowhere else. It was settled in 1823 and was incorporated in 1917. They claim to host some of the best events in the Tampa Bay area. Many people refer to this gem as their secret getaway destination. There is something for everyone to do in this beautiful area.

Phillippe Park has everything you need for a perfect setting and relaxed vacation. We know why it is such a popular destination. We will see you soon!


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